About us

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Signed and Framed are Australia’s most trusted Gala Event and Fundraising Auction Team.

Our team is made up from Event Fundraising Specialists, Autograph Experts and Customer Service Professionals. We partner with leading travel and other premium experience providers to add a definitive edge to our auction range.

We pride ourselves on delivering flexible solutions to a wide range of clients, helping raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year through the sale of our auction items and packages. Adding to that, with over ten years of expertise in the management of full-scale, live and silent auctions at gala events, we are ready to support your next Gala Ball, Luncheon or Golf Day.

The key to our success in fundraising is:

  • Working with you to deliver the best auction methods and processes
  • Providing you with the best auction items and donation support to benefit your event
  • Providing our experienced team to execute the best possible service

Key Benefits to working with Signed and Framed;

A Flexible approach to planning your fundraising solution
Options to execute a variety of auction methods
Trusted and experienced team of auction managers
Pre event and post event support
Long history of servicing not only our clients, but our clients guests.

  • NO-FEE auction management
  • Premium experiences
  • Memorabilia
  • Framed goods
  • Wholesale custom framing