Auction Methods

Signed and Framed can offer the majority of clients three auction methods or a combination of auction methods to deliver you greater fundraising results.


Bold Bids

Allow guests to bid from their seat on any auction item/s normally presented in a silent auction format.

This service uses a Signed and Framed custom designed Auction Menu. Guests can place just one bid on any silent auction item they wish to bid on. It’s like having all the bid sheets in one at your fingertips!


No fee colourful design, less need for breaks, guests can bid higher than normal, can sell multiples of the same item to increase funds.

Bold Bids can also be used to great advantage in between a standard silent auction and a live auction. Ideal to have a smaller number of midrange and premium items for guests to bid on.

Best BOLD BIDS result for 2013 – Signed and Framed items raised $30,000 in net proceeds for an event of 400 guests using BOLD BIDS.

In 2012 only 4 BOLD BIDS items raised over $14,000 for a client with just under 400 guests!


Electronic Bidding

Signed and Framed work in tandem with Australia’s leading technology provider for silent auction bidding.

You have the option of using TABLETS or HANDHELD bidding solutions for your entire silent auction Bidding.

We can provide this service where there is a minimum of 30 tables (approx. 300 guests).


Classy and professional, guests enjoy bidding more, updated bidding screens, proven higher bidding statistics, can include donation pledge.

The cost of using electronic bidding has been a huge issue for most fundraising gala balls…until now!

Ask about our electronic bidding sponsorship packages.


Silent Auction

Using paper based bid sheets for guests to write down their bids during pre-dinner and breaks in your event programme. We can also add our ‘First Bidder Incentive’


Cheap, proven, open competitive bidding and easy to prepare.

Live Auction

Live Auction

Working with your Auctioneer or using one provided by Signed and Framed, we aim to maximise your fundraising potential through the provision of signature premium items. Together with our team, we will deliver a concise and professional service to ensure you capture each opportunity.

We can also assist with adding an option for ‘Top Two Bidders’ or a ‘Stand Up Auction’ to instantly increase your donation profits further.


Limited Raffle

Signed and Framed can offer you a full Limited Raffle service that could add anywhere between $5,000 and $50,000 to your event.

We can provide:
  • Huge promotional display detailing the major S&F prize package
  • Staff to sell tickets pre-event
  • Customised tickets and payment services.

Tickets can be sold for either $20, $50, $100 or even $500 each.

By having a fixed amount of tickets, such as 100 Tickets at $100 each, you can make as much as $10,000 in revenues, while we do all the work.

NB. We advise clients to review state guidelines regarding